Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Stacked SERVPRO green air scrubbers

Air Scrubbers Clean Mold Spores From the Air

If your home or business has mold, SERVPRO of Worcester is here to help.  Pictured is a certified HEPA air scrubber that is designed to clean harmful mole spores from the air. If you suspect mold, please do not hesitate to call us at 508-757-7885.

close up of window frame and baseboards covered with mold damage

Mold Damage in a Worcester Home

SERVPRO of Worcester has the knowledge, equipment and highly trained technicians to take of your mold problems. If not taken care of mold can cause indoor environmental issues and health problems. If you suspect mold, call SERVPRO at 508-757-7885.

Interior space, walls and ceiling covered in mold

Investment House and Mold Damage

This house in Worcester was a failed investment taken over by a bank. SERVPRO contracted to demolish the mold infested structure, remove the debris and then disinfect the shell. The discarding of the contaminated mold elements was done according to EPA and local codes.

Mold Damage – Worcester Closet

Mold damage resulted in this Worcester closet due to poor ventilation which led to moisture buildup and the spawning of a large mold colony. When mold damage is this severe demolition of the damaged area is preferable as it allows for better treatment of the affected area.

Worcester Mold Damage to a Shower Stall

The mold ruined this shower stall in Worcester requiring a full demolition of the walls, tiles, and shower tray. More cleanup is needed before this can be reconstructed and used again. Call SERVPRO for help.

Mold Containment in a Worcester Factory

The containment structure was to prevent mold spores from migrating to other areas of the open factory floor in Worcester. We employed HEPA filtration vacuum systems to help with the control of the spores. The exhaust system of the plant was turned off during the mold remediation to preserve the fungi free zones of the building further.